Safety of Man, Materials & Information is called Security. The main thing required for security is Discipline. The Security will maintain discipline in the site by Uniform, Vishram Position, Do not read paper/magazines, No bad habits etc. The main Duets of Security are:

  • Area Security
  • Property Security
  • Documentary
  • Identification of Person
What are the main points required for security?
  • Fire fighting
  • First aid
  • Traffic control
  • Planning
  • About IED (Improvising Explosive Devises) 
  • HHMD (Hand Health Metal Detector)

Three important personal qualities for Security are:

  • Honesty
       True to yourself  
       Don’t tell lies or wrong information
       Don’t manipulate or commit fraud

  • Attitude
      Be positive
      Try to find solution to problems & do not pass on problems
      Be helpful to others 
  • Discipline
     Follow laid down systems & procedure. No short cuts
     Follow time schedules
     Communicate promptly. Don't hide               


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